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Best Choice and Gift to Travel Lovers -- Silicone Filter Water Bottle

Regarding the importance of water in humans life, we always need to find alternative solutions when out of home on the go in travel and outings. How to get clean water? How to make the water healthy enough to drink? Find answers in the following test.

How Water Bottle Filters Work?

For Airlen's filter water bottle ALF2, there is a built-in ultra filtration, which is replaceable and dismountable. When you fill in water, the water passes through the hollow fiber of filtration. The hollow is with holes of 0.01 micron, which can filter 99.97% bacteria.

Of course, when you take clean water with the bottle and no need to filter, you can take out the filtration. And when the bottle is empty, you can collapse the bottle to save space.



Benefits of Filter Water Bottle

Advantages of using a filtration water bottle include:

● Cost: This cost includes both money and energy. With filtration water bottle, you don't need to buy bottled waters, this saves money. And with filtration water bottle, you don't need to carry several heavy waters in your bags or luggages, this saves energy. Besides, you know, in many places and remote fields, you are not able to buy a bottled water.

● Convenience: Being able to fill up the filter water bottle anywhere and get clean water to drink, which provides complete freedom in traveling. It is no need to find stores and no need to carry bottled waters.

● Environmental friendly: You know, everyday, humans have to deal with huge quantities of disposal containers. Reusing and refilling the water bottles contributes great to the whole environment.


Why to Choose Airlen's Filter Water Bottles?

● Bottle mouth is with large diameter, which is convenient to fill in and pour out of water.

● The top cap can be removed and put into large volume like ice cubes.
● High quality liquid silicone material and food grade PP applied, BPA free and LFGB, FDA approved.
● Soft and collapsible, can be stored in many bags and suitcases.
● Not easy to out of shape and no harmful chemical release.
● Light enough to take out.
● Leakage proof.



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